Muriel Anderson Concert and Clinic

Muriel Andersen
The Music for Life Alliance is sponsoring
a Muriel Anderson Concert and Clinic to benefit FG4FS. 

Free Guitars for Future Stars thanks Muriel Anderson and the Music for Life Alliance for putting together this concert as a benefit for FG4FS. If you’ve heard Muriel Anderson  before, you know what a treat this concert will be. If you’ve never heard her play, this is a chance to hear some world class guitar playing right here in Woodstock!

Guitar players, or anyone, interested in hearing Muriel talk guitar or seeing her techniques up close should consider joining us for her Sunday clinic.

Concert Date;
March 25th
8:00 PM
The Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock
225 W Calhoun St. Woodstock, IL

Clinic Date;
March 26th
The Stage Left Cafe
125 Van Buren St.  Woodstock, IL

Concert – $25.00
Clinic – $20.00
Concert and Clinic – $40.00

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